NSW Distillers Collective - Spirits Tasting


NSW Distillers Collective - Spirits Tasting

  • Date: Wednesday 13th of Feb

  • Time: 6:30 to 8:30 pm

  • Where: Where’s Nick

For our first event of 2019 we will be showcasing four producers from the NSW Distillers Collective!

  • Crafty from Craft Works Distillery (Capertee, Lithgow)

  • Valero from Joadja Distillery (Joadja, Southern Highlands)

  • Martin from Riverbourne Distillery (Jingera, Snowy Monaro)

  • Black Gate (Mendooran, Warrumbungle)

On showcase will be four family owned and independent whisky & gin distilleries, all part of the newly founded NSW Distillers Collective. They all make whisky in their own unique ways and are not shy when it comes to innovating.

“We are all #nswprouddistillers and we strongly believe that NSW has a lot to offer. Our greatest strength is our diversity, with differing climates and interesting people from many different backgrounds. No two distilleries are the same, be it in types of stills or techniques used. “ - Crafty

So please join us as we celebrate the tasty treats being distilled in our own backyard.

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